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Information About Morocco

We are a berber team located in Merzouga (Southen Morocco) specializing in tailor made tours to Morocco. We pride ourselves in ensuring you journey to Morocco will be one you will treasure a lifetime. we would like to share with you the magic of the south of Morocco, the magic of the dunes and the Sahara, the magic of the mountains, gorges and valleys, nomadic life and life in the oases, Kasbahs and villages. We offer a selection of trips and excursions of varying lengths and destinations to explore and discover this other Morocco full of peace, charm, simplicity and starlit nights. be sure your trip to Morocco will include a touch of guidance from Morocco Desert Safari. If you have a dream of discovering exotic horizons, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will very happy to plan your next travel to Morocco as simple or as luxurious as you desire, suited to your budget and interests.

About Mohamed

My name is Mohamed Cherhane and belong to one of the few nomadic tribes that still habit the Desert of Merzouga.

My authentics roots are absolutely Berber, and because of this i take the desert in my veins and I will be happy to teach our habits all you want.

My family has dromedaries to move the people through the dunes to reach the most beautiful places that offers the desert.

Under a canopy of stars we can enjoy and have fun sharing our experiences really well..

Thanks to tourism, we can speak different languages such as Spanish, Italian, English and French of course, among others.

Let we share in one of the best Experiences sure you will have in your life